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Title: Triangle
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Summary: Is it possible to love two people equally?
Triangles: Sora-Kairi-Riku, Leon-Cloud-Sephiroth, Leon-Rinoa-Cloud


         Growing up was never easy, but this time for some it seemed to be especially hard.  When dreams of bigger things eclipse common sense and everything seems so far away...when the word 'destiny' can be made fun of and held onto tightly... this is where the story begins.

Destiny Islands...

         It was paradise, beaches, palm trees, the perfect world.  Perfect children lived there, with perfect parents...Or so it seemed.  To one boy it was a cage, not large enough for his soul-searching needs, or large enough to contain his curiousity.  To one boy it was his home, but deep down he knew it was not large enough to hold his childhood.  Because three strong willed, big hearted children could not be kept in the land of perfect forever.  Perfect was boring, perfect was a cage, perfect would never let them reach their full potential.  Heroes were not made in perfect places.

         "Yaa!"  The lone cry cut the satly air and a boy went flying through the air.  He had been kicked off the island, quite literally by his close friend and constant rival.  Blue eyes that matched the sky more than the sea looked down at the now sopping brunette.

         "Wet enough, Sora?"  He laughed, shouldering the wooden like like it was the real thing.  The youth exuded confidence, in the grin, the walk, the speech.  He also had an extremem desire to see past the Islands, past the ocean and into worlds.  Different worlds than the one he knew.  He had the potential to save the world, as some would say 'open the door'.  But with all great potential comes choice, and with choice comes both a light and a dark side.

         "You cheated!"  The wet boy cried out indignantly.  It had been a sword fight, until Riku had spring the surprise kick and knocked the brunette clear off the little island.  This was Sora, far less concentrated that Riku, a bit of this and that, and all together too much.  Too... pure, is the word, only without all the strings attatched.  All heart and not much else, not that being all heart is a bad thing, but without someone to balance it all out there will be trouble.

         "I wouldn't need to cheat to defeat you, Sora,"  Riku laughed, shoulders moving in a practiced fluid shrug.

         "Weren't we working on a raft?"  The third member of the happy trio appeared, a grin plastered to her face.  Kairi, more like Sora that Riku in the way that she was all heart.  But she had a sharp mind as well, she was a leader.  A person who could take charge when things went bad and lead people back to the light.

         A leader, a hero and a warrior...or maybe just children?  Only time will tell, but time is running out...


Memory and Dream...

         Dream was the one time Cloud Strife could remember home.  He could feel the cool water of the rising falls and the air which seemed so alien of the library, his favorite hiding spot as a child.  In his dream he stood there, and he was seven again, too short to grab the books he wanted.  He could see the sweeping silver of his idol, the superior smirk and the careful choosing of a book fitting for a boy his age.

         "Sephiroth..."  He would breath and suddenly be his age, ripe at twenty-one, again and yet Sephiroth still dwarfed him.  There was a bit of rage when he looked at the silver haired man, because all the wonder had been ripped away with his world.  The one winged angel had commanded the heartless with the mind of a militart general, which he was... on the other side.  Sephiroth would never speak in dreams, just smirk, or laugh.

         Memory was the one place where Leon could be Squall and not feel ashamed.  He could wander the halls of his childhood and smile.  Often he saw his friends, Aeris, Yuffie, Cid... and Cloud Strife, the elusive blonde.  He had often teased the younger boy about his bookish nature and shy attitude.  And, of course, the way Cloud would worship the ground Sephiroth walked on.

         But then Memory turned to nightmare.  He could see Rinoa, for the first and last time in his mind.  Her smile and the small cartoonish wings she had drawn onto her coat.  And then the heartless, weaving and bobbing like deranged ink blobs.  Then Leon remembered why Squall had failed him; because Squall was weak.  Squall had gotten Rinoa killed.

         Sephiroth didn't need Memory of Dream, he was on the doorstep of being a God, and God's needed neither.  He would often let one or the other take him, in almost vague hopes of grasping something he lacked.  Memory was always tricky, because it led back to Hollow Bastion and before.  Back to when he had been just a child with a scientist for a father, and none of those memories ever made him smile.

         Dream was far better, where he was a God.  He could have people kneel to him, worship him.  And he could change anything, everything, the past and the present.  He could turn his life around from when he was a boy and found his mother's head in a box in the basement.  Sephiroth could change that, and could change the way Strife had looked at him with contempt before the masamune had sliced the eleven year old in half.  It had burned more than it should have, because Strife had already worshipped him.  So as a God, Strife would so again.


Destiny Islands...

         "What about other worlds?"  Riku asked, staring up at the sky.  The three of them were sprawled out on the beach staring upwards towards the stars and moon.  Riku had one hand outstetched, fingers brushing the small pinpricks of light.

         "What about them?"  Sora asked, laughing, his hand lay next to Kairi's.  Fingers loosely laced together, palm to palm... like entwined bodies.  Something they had yet to think about, but a concept that would soon grip their youthful minds in a choke hold.

         "Do you ever wish you could visit them?"  Riku asked, lowering his hand.  His fingers linked with Sora's other hand.

         "Not really... I'm happy here..."  Sora answered, looking thoughtful.

         "I do.  There has to be more than this life here..."  Riku said forecully, shutting his eyes for a brief moment.  It was always like something was calling him, moving him, wanting him to come and find it.

         "I do too..."  Kairi added in, her voice like a chime to Riku's bell-tones.

         "But you came from another world,"  Sora protested, feeling like he was being squeezed between his best friends.  Both of them sent a squeeze down into his hands at the same time; a reassuring squeeze to remind him that he was loved.

         "I want to see what's out there..."  Riku began, opening his eyes, "I feel like I need to..."

         "I feel that need..."  Kairi echoed.  Sora shut his eyes, feeling their hands and listening to three different heartbeats.  Don't be afraid..  He heard.

         " too..."  The brunette whispered.  And somewhere in the back of his mind he wished they could stay like this forever.



         The Collesium was empty, and for that Cloud was glad.  The blonde swordsman had relinquished his Buster Sword for empty hands and his armor for loose linens.  The night was cool and the wind pushed against his face, insisting that he free himself from the contract he made with Hades.  But he couldn't, because a familiar smirk lingered in his mind; worse than that a familiar feel.  The feel of Sephiroth's hands sliding across his shoulders, and the wicked green eyes.  A feeling of being wanted by a God...He scowled and shook it off, blue eyes narrowing.

         "Never..."  He hissed outloud and was startled to hear his own voice.  He spoke rarely, and usually it was to Hades, who did enough talking for three or four Gods.

         "I'll find you, Sephiroth..."  And the result at the end of finding was going to be death...for one of them.  That was the deal with Hades, he would kill Hercules and Hades would help Cloud find Sephiroth.  In order to kill the one winged angel who had stood among the heartless as they flooded Hollow Bastion... and smiled.

(Part 1/???)
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