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Tons of Doujinshi For Sale


Please ignore the ugliness of the page... It was meant for a pop-up window but the script got f-ed so now it's ugly and I'm too lazy to fix it. ^^;;; Anyway.... The doujinshis on this page is all for sell, as I want more money to buy the trench coat I want for my baby (whom you can see here!! *squeals proudly* http://www.silverillusions.net/dollfie)

Please email me at hieru.pikachu@gmail.com or AIM me at Hieru Pikachu to ask for price.... Or you can reply to this comment, of course. ^_~ Shipping is a flat rate of $3.95 within U.S. and $9 for International up to 3 or even 4 (depend on how thick it is) doujinshi. Payment is preferred to be PayPal, but money order and cash are accepted. The doujinshi(s) will be shipped out the next day after receiving the payment. ^^

Help me clothe my Yue better please~~~!!!!

The doujinshi site is here: http://www.silverillusions.net/doujinshop/index1.html
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