Flower Of December (baileyflower) wrote in hammerspace,
Flower Of December

Need help naming characters

For a modern mages type tale. They're all early twenties caucasian folks working in fast food.

1) Male, Wild sorcerer. builds up his mojo by taking stupid risks. Jaded and a bit of an asshole. Very impatient.

2) sex not yet determined. Psychic. Naive, but not as much as (s)he acts. Fairly cautious. Shagging chara #1.

3) Female, anorexic. Intense with bouts of depression. Has no desire for any sort of romance.

4) Female, generally nice person. kinda fiddles around with Solomon's Keys a little but not too well. Talks to ghosts, or at least they talk to her.

5) sex not determined yet. clueless John Constantine wanabe, lusts after 3) and is like a magically impotant little sib. annoying but kinda endearing in idiocy.
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