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HammerSpace - Plot Bunnies Come Forth!

It's your world... be very afraid!

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Welcome to HammerSpace, the lovely little place that doesn't really exist and all plot bunnies spring forth from.

This is a community for raevenwynter and her friends writings of all sorts. Fanfiction/Original work and slash/yaoi/yuri/het/gen! It doesn't really matter what the topic is, here is a place to write and get feedback on your work from other authors.

Rules of the realm:
1. Clearly state subject matter and any/all warnings in the post and the story behind an LJ cut. Some people just don't want to read certain things and we should respect that.
2. No flames! Constructive criticism is always welcome; we -do- want to improve our writing but here shall be no flaming of the material on which somene else chooses to write on. It's -their- work.
3. Have fun! We like lively communities with many different stories. Feel free to post any and all work, including poetry, etc.
4. Poetry is welcome here at HammerSpace and need not be behind a Lj-cut unless it is a rather long poem or contains things that might be questionable. (We are all smart little kitties here; obviously sexual content and excessive darkness should be Lj-cut)
5. Please, review! If everyone just posts and no one reviews, well, it gets real boring and isn't very helpful. So when you have some time to spare, stop by and read something you haven't before. I know it is hard when you don't know the fandom or you aren't too into original works, but hey, we can try. (I also know how it is to not have much time. I am a student as well.)
6. We also accept plot bunnies posted to the group. These have their own rules, as seen below.

We have a few rules for the plot bunny adoption agency.

1) Subject much include something along the lines of plotbunny. ( ie. [plotbunny] Yugioh, Plotbunny: Saiyuki, etc.)
2) Please remember to continue using Lj-cuts even with your short plotbunnies in case people don't want to read them.
3) Share and share alike. If you want to use a plotbunny, comment to the original writer and if more than two people want to use it... well, more the merrier. Always fun to see two peoples takes on the same plot.

Thank you! I hope this is a pleasant experience for all. If there are problems with some of the rules then I shall go back and rewrite them. Feel free to leave a comment to one of raevenwynter's posts if you have a specific problem to be addressed or e-mail me at the e-mail as seen above. If problems spring up because of the new Plotbunny Adoption Agency set up, then we shall close that down.


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