Rhea Adamante (gypsy_nightfire) wrote in hammerspace,
Rhea Adamante

Cold Day

Title: Cold Day
Author: Rhea Adamante (AKA the Gypsy Nightfire)
Warnings/disclaimers/etc: N/A Orig fic.

Musing. Let me know what it sounds like to you, because I want to know if anyone sees what I do.


It's a cold day, and my coat isn't thick enough to handle it. It will be, soon, but just now, I'm freezing. I've lost weight since coming here. Following my lady. But then, I always follow my lady, and the lost weight isn't a bad thing. Unless...well, I've never been outside for a winter entire. I've always had warm shelter. I would have it now, if I wished.
..I just...I can't bring myself to be the was I once was. I suppose. Or maybe I've been out here on my own for too long. I can't go back to my lady's warm home. I don't know what precisely frightens me, but something does. And then, of course, she has another. He doesn't like me much. She says he's a brat and that he'll learn. I don't know. I talk to her sometimes. Go see her. I'm never far away, but I'm almost always out of sight. Poor lady. I know she misses me.

Maybe I can go back. Maybe I'll try. Maybe when the weather gets cold.

Or when my coat gets thick.

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